Today, poker is one of the most popular online games, but its exact origin is unknown. There are different versions: according to some dating back to the nineteenth century Germany. According to others, the fifteenth-century Persia. What is clear is that it has been in the United States where poker has become more popular over the last century, extending the European market in recent decades and in Asia in recent years.

In recent decades poker has evolved in different variants of the game, as perhaps the most popular form of poker: Texas Hold’em. Other of these variants are the Stud, Omaha, Straight, Draw, Wild Card, Spilt, and Community Poker.

Compared to other online casino games, poker is recognized in many countries as a game of skill. While in casinos and slot machines need to have luck to win, poker is based on boldness.

Another distinguishing factor is that the game is played against other players and not against the casino. Poker is one of the few games where there is no house advantage. Casinos and poker rooms charge a small percentage of the total money wagered on each hand or set a fixed price in tournaments.

In recent centuries, the poker industry has experienced steady growth, but it was not until the last decade the game has really conquered the international market. During the 80s, poker became a true mass phenomenon globally thanks to the popularity of Texas Hold’em. Both in America and in Europe, the gaming culture has spread so over the last thirty years that even the poker slang is already part of the everyday lexicon.

Moreover, major events like the “World Series of Poker” and the “World Poker Tour” have put the poker on the international scene and have helped to improve the technology to televise live tournaments showing the cards of the players. Poker has become a television sport, which has pushed a new generation of players to the gaming tables to test their skills.

Poker online
During the 90s and after the emergence of virtual casinos, the poker industry experienced a boom. The advent of the Internet not only meant access to the tables at any time of day without having to leave home; It also provided the opportunity to learn or improve the game before playing for real money stakes thanks to the options to play free online poker offered by most online casinos.

Another element that has helped popularize online poker is a lot of games, levels and players available, which allow any player to find a game to suit you and your same level players. In addition, in real casinos, the minimum purchase is not available to most players who bet on low limits.

As the love of poker has spread throughout the world, more and more people who have become online poker in their profession or a source of extra income there. Many who today are great professionals started playing online, which has helped many people in this game have started dreaming of becoming rich.

Poker: A game of skill

Poker is definitely a game that, if played skillfully, you can make huge profits without risking too much. But it is absurd to think you can quit your job and make a living playing poker since become a poker player first line requires the dedication and discipline of a professional athlete, and that’s not available to everyone. Not to win a few small tournaments or have a good run one become professional.

What makes poker is a game of skill, not just luck is basically the pattern followed gambling tables: most poker games that exist today are based on the same betting structure and the player’s skill when betting during the game determines who will win in the long term. The games almost always begin with an initial bet and from there it is up to each player to increase or bets and the pot. Players have to wager based on their letters and mathematical probabilities to get the card they need. Otherwise they should be skilled enough to mount a bluff if they want to win the pot.