Roulette is a French game eighteenth century and the term “Roulette” is French and means “small wheel”. The first official book on the game was published in 1801 and its author refers to the game of roulette being played in Paris in 1776, at the Palais Royal.

The basic game of roulette has actually changed very little over the past two centuries and although technology has facilitated the modernization of the wheel, the betting pattern and rules are the same.

Versions of Roulette
The game is pretty standard worldwide. Unlike poker, roulette has mostly the same components regardless of the chosen variant. The two main styles of roulette are the American roulette and French roulette. The American variant has 38 colored boxes numbered including 0 and 00, while the French variant has 37 with only a 0.

Except for the number of boxes, the wheel is the same in both versions of the game and the numbers 1 to 36 are red or black, while the 0 and 00 are green.
When rotating the wheel, a ball starts spinning above it in the opposite direction to the rotation. – The winners will be determined when the ball falls into one of the boxes

Part of the popularity of roulette lies in the fact that in this game the house edge is only of 2.70%, resulting from the inclusion of 0 (and 00 in American roulette). Outside bets (for example, red or black) always lose when you leave a 0 or 00. However, the house always has an advantage on inside bets (bets on the numbers 1 to 36), because the payout ratio is always 35: 1 when mathematically is 37: 1 (38: 1 in American roulette) chances to win a single bet or full number.
Wheel: stakes and prizes

New players should familiarize themselves with the layout of the table, betting and payments.

There are two types of bets: the “internal” (the full number (also called straight or simple) / the two numbers or horse / the three numbers (also called street or triplet) / Corner or Square / five numbers / line or sextet) and “external” (red / black, low number / high number, odd / even, dozen and column). Both payments and the house edge vary depending on the bet (see below).

To start playing, first place the chips in the boxes of the table (either directly on the numbers, on the lines between numbers, or in the marked boxes around the table).

There is usually set minimum and maximum bets for roulette, and usually these rules are applied individually on each roll for all internal and external bets from the same player. Some casinos use a colored chips to distinguish inside bets of different players at the table. The betting continues until the dealer announces “no more bets”.

When the wheel kick the winning number and color, the dealer will mark the corresponding number on the table. While the mark is on the table, players can not place bets, collect bets, or remove bets from the table. Then the dealer will collect all losing bets either by hand or with a rake, and determine payments to other internal and external winning bets. When you finish paying, withdraw the brand and players can collect their winnings and make new bets.

virtual roulette
The virtual roulette rules are the same as those of a real roulette. The main difference is the bet limit, which is usually higher in real casinos.
However, it may be more dangerous to play online: as the wheel spins much faster and stops long before more money is spent on less time.