There are different types of bonds available in different online casinos; they all have conditions and fine print that you must understand to not end tucked into misunderstanding and confusion.

Not always the biggest bonus is the best or the most suitable for you; there are a few things you need to know before choosing the best.

Here you will find information about the different types of casino bonuses, and also on the standard requirements that exist when a casino bonus is received. You can also find our ranking, with which in our experience are the best online casino bonuses available.

Game Requirements Bonus
All bonuses have some requirements (also called playthrough requirements or Wagering in English) that must be met before you can redeem profits.

The requirements mean that you have to make bets equivalent certain amount of money before you can withdraw your winnings. This done to prevent a user enters money in a casino just to get the bonus and then withdraw all your money including the bonus.

If the requirement game to rid the bonus is 20 * and get a voucher worth 25 €, You have to make bets with a total value of 500 € (20 × 25) before you can withdraw your winnings (see also section on how to rid your Bonus Online Casino for more information).

Types of Casino Bonuses
The online casinos offer many different bonds; here’s a brief description of each of the most popular types of bonds.

Bond Equivalent Deposit (Deposit Match Bonus) – is the type of online casino bonus that you will find more. In this case, the casino will give you a bonus based on the amount you deposit. When more money goals, the bigger your bonus. If, for example, you deposit 50 €, then the casino will give you another 50 € in bonus. In some casinos, the bonus can even exceed 100%, which for example occurs in bonds 200%. In this case, you will receive € 100 for every € 50 deposited.

Bonds Fixed Deposit (Deposit Fixed Bonus) – Fixed bonus is not as common as the match bonus and, as its name suggests, is a bonus receive a fixed amount after making the minimum deposit required. The bonus amount is usually between 30 and 150 €, with minimum deposits of € 20-50.

No Deposit Bonus (No Deposit Casino Bonus) – The no deposit casino bonuses are the same as the Free Casino Money. It is special bonuses offered by casinos, usually for a short period of time, in order to attract new customers. It is free money that you can use to test the casino; to get free money, you must register at the casino and open an account, but do not need to make a deposit.

Bonus Loyalty (Loyalty Bonus) – When you’re looking for an online casino to spend a long time playing in it, you have to consider loyalty bonuses above criteria. These bonds offer monthly or weekly bonuses for loyal players, depending on the amount of loyalty points you get. Loyalty points are earned every time you play, and usually depend on the amounts wagered.