There are certain ways people or the players should behave when they are at the poker table. There are an unwritten set of guidelines that need to be followed while playing poker 99 as it portrays sportsmanship, a healthy and good atmosphere, and a good speed of the game.

One should always follow the rules to be a better player in the game.

Manners that should be followed in the poker game

The topic of etiquette in the game of poker is very comprehensive. There are a lot of Dos and DON’Ts one must follow while playing the game –

  • Do no keep other players waiting by doing unwanted things. If you are playing the game, better focus on that.
  • Always mind your language while playing. If you don’t grant respect to the opposite player, they will not grant you respect, and you might also land up in trouble.
  • Always act in a dignified manner, even when you are losing. No one likes losing, but having modesty should always be the priority.

These rules should be followed when you are present at the poker table with your fellow players. You should be well aware of these rules and manners to be a good team player.

Online poker etiquette

Just like live poker has its own set of poker rules that help the game go smoothly, and everyone enjoys it, online poker has also set its own unique etiquette rules for a pleasant online atmosphere. Online poker website like 99onlinepoker – an online poker-agent In Indonesia, is the largest and trusted online poker site. To remain in this position, they do have to ask their users to maintain certain etiquette for a smooth online game –

  • Always be ready for your tone. Do not rush to make a certain decision, but if you take too long and the time runs for a long time, it becomes tedious for all the other players on the table.
  • Remember to maintain the decorum. The chatbox that is provided to you is for normal discussions. This plague should not be used to criticize the team players.
  • Try not discussing the cards you mucked. This would give other players an advantage. Do not influence the game against your self.

The good thing about the online poker game is that the website’s software helps you by not letting you break the rules. But you still need to be on your best behavior.


Poker offline (live) and poker online is meant to be enjoyed, and everyone should love participating in them. One should always try maintaining their behavior and should show good sportsmanship while playing the game.

Decent behavior is expected from every person who is operating the poker site online or playing poker offline. This is necessary because the game is meant to enjoy and not create a bad atmosphere for everyone around. If you wish to play this game, always remember to keep yourself on the best behavior to enjoy playing the game with all your team members.