As online slot machines and slot pragmatic are gaining popularity today, there are lots of myths and misconceptions thrown at them. These false rumours have discouraged a lot of people to actually try and play one. It affects the legally operating online slot machine websites and apps by tarnishing their image. If you are one of those people who have heard these five online slot machine misconceptions, this article is for you.

MISCONCEPTION #1: Online Slot Machines Are Rigged

This rumour is always present whether it is online or offline slot machines. It is possible that online slot machines can be rigged, but it all boils down to the site you play. Rouge online casino and slot machine sites have rigged games. However, legitimate sites and slot pragmatic cannot control the outcome of the slots. These legitimate online casino websites use randomizers for their games to ensure a fair chance of winning. 

They also have tight cybersecurity encryptions to prevent hackers from rigging and controlling the game. 

MISCONCEPTION #2: You Can’t Improve Your Chances of Winning In Online Slot Machines

This claim is totally false. Slot pragmatic has various slot games that have different volatility rate and RTP percentage. The combinations of the volatility rate and RTP percentage will tell you how frequent a slot machine gives payout and how much is the payout.

Learning these combinations will help you select which online slot machine game gives the most and biggest payout, thus increasing the chance of winning. You can use this strategy to win more. 

MISCONCEPTION #3: There Are Huge Payouts At A Particular Time

It is one of the most intriguing misconceptions about online slot machines. Some players speculate that there are window hours where slot machines become generous with their payouts and winning chances. 

This misconception is entirely false. Slot pragmatic ensures all their slot games have equal chances of winning at any time of the day. There are no window hours for winnings and payouts. It all boils down to your luck.

MISCONCEPTION #4: Using Autoplay Than Manually Clicking The Button Reduces Your Chances Of Winning

Autoplay or manually clicking, your chance to win on each spin will be based on your luck. Autoplay or manually clicking the button will not affect the result of your slot game. Every spin is not linked with the previous result nor to the play button. A random number generator plays each spin giving an entire fair game and chances of winning to the player. 

MISCONCEPTION #5: Slot Games That Have Given A Jackpot Will Not Give Payouts Anytime Sooner

Many people think that a slot game that has paid out a jackpot will remain dry and dormant in the meantime. It is completely false. Each spin of slot pragmatic games is not linked to the previous result. Every single spin uses a random number generator, which opens an opportunity for consecutive jackpots. 

At the end of the day, the result of your slot game boils down to your strategy and a bit of luck. Choosing an online slot machine based on its volatility and RTP rate can increase your winning; while playing in a rouge online slot machine website is a waste of money.