Mouth advertising is a very powerful tool and online casinos recognize this power and trust this in order to attract new players to the casino.

The way they do it is offering incentives to their players to refer their friends and relatives to casino.

The main incentive that online casinos offer their players in order to promote the casino to get to your friends and family, is the bonus for inviting a friend.

In most online casinos bonus for referring a friend is a fixed amount that a player is awarded when someone referred to the casino have made your first deposit.

Usually there is a minimum amount of the deposit referred the new player has to do to the original player to receive the bonus for referring a friend.

Some online casinos limit the amount of bonuses for referring a friend that a player can get and others do not impose such restrictions and players can continue to collect bonuses for referring a friend, as long as they keep referring new players.

In addition, some casinos have a policy benchmark “dual track” where not only the player will receive a bonus, but also the player will receive a bonus based casino. Most online casinos offer such bonds usually rewarded with a higher initial player to the player referred bonus.